Panel + Q&A (*Maximum 4 Panelists)

Sustainability and social impact investing, when should a nonprofit reevaluate their fundraising model and what can be done to bridge the gap

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Sustainability is a big ticking time bomb in a nonprofits life. You are applauded for the service but it comes with excruciating sacrifices from the nonprofit staff and volunteers. With COVID the giving landscape will change in ways that will ripple the sector for many years to come. How might we reevaluate the nonprofit fundraising model and what can be done to bridge the gap?
This will be a moderated session where I will pose questions as a nonprofit currently investigating sustainability, investing, and conscious capital. Other panelists will be from –
– Someone who has had a nonprofit and moved to a hybrid model
– Someone from the social impact investing space
– A lawyer who deals with these conversations and can talk about pros and cons for nonprofits and pitfalls if any

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