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Crypto/Blockchain Battle Royal: A debate on these technologies in the impact space

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Theoretically, crypto and blockchain present new opportunities for creating economic inclusion and building financial resilience. Some say they have the potential to disrupt the existing financial system and create revolutionary new pathways for people to earn, accumulate, and move money. Others say we’re a long way from building the bridge between technology and real world use cases with impact. What are these arguments and who’s making them? 

This debate-style session will bring in the experience of investors and entrepreneurs to discuss the use cases, impacts and risks associated in leveraging crypto and blockchain to facilitate financial inclusion.  We aim to foster a healthy dialogue about the current state and future potential of these technologies through the eyes of founders, investors and technologists with on-the-ground operational experience.

Confirmed Panelists

  • Mercy Corps Ventures – early-stage impact investor
  • Accion Venture Labs – fintech impact investor
  • Valiu – crypto social venture

Unconfirmed Panelists

TBD social enterprise using crypot or blockchain in its business model.

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