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Investing in Native America

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This panel discussion will share insights into investment into Indian Country hearing directly from Native Americans, Tribal leadership, and Native entrepreneurs.

Confirmed Panelists

Governor Brian Vallo, Pueblo of Acoma Nation, New Mexico

The Pueblo of Acoma is a Native American Nation in New Mexico which has launched a number of commercial ventures bringing income, jobs, culture, and other resources to the Tribe and its members. Mr. Vallo is the Tribe’s Governor.

Val Red-Horse Mohl, Social Venture Circle, California,

Val is a Native American woman who has worked in Indian Country and advanced many Native entrepreneurial efforts.  She now leads Social Venture Circle, a triple bottom line business community.

Suzanne Anarde, CEO, RCAC, California

Native Lending program:  RCAC is a West Coast CDFI (non-bank lender) with decades of experience in economic development and experience in 100s of investments.

Drew Tulchin, Managing Member, UpSpring 

Drew has worked in impact investing for 20 years. His recent triple bottom line company efforts have led to financing $200 million. He has worked in Indian Country for 15 years.

Unconfirmed Panelists

Vanessa Roanhorse, Roanhorse Consulting, New Mexico

Vanessa is a Native American woman dedicated to female Native entrepreneurship with decades of professional experience building businesses.



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