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Communities of the Future – Socially, Economically and Ecologically Resilient

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Over the past year the interest in building “sustainable” and “green” housing has erupted, but in the wake of COVID-19 and explosive inequity-based racial tension, it is brutally clear that building green is NOT enough to save the planet. In today’s world of division and inequality, we cannot escape the deep necessity of the social skills needed to develop awareness of our own flaws while attending to the needs of those around us. In today’s world of economic stress due to the planet giving us a sample of what is to come, the undeniable need to create interdependent economic resilience is seared in the awareness of every family who has struggled to just to put food on the table while hiding at home from an invisible foe.

If we want a REAL chance to make change we need to BUILD FULLY RESILIENT COMMUNITIES. This session will guide attendees to think about, plan for and begin creating just such communities for their own neighbourhoods. Each person should leave with an action plan to build their own dream neighbourhood and how to tap the resources needed to make this a reality.


Confirmed Panelists

Chad Thiessen

Social Entrepreneur & Mentor, Clean-tech Angel investor, Epic Idea Wrangler, Large Scale Property Developer, National Business Magazine Publisher, Conference Planner & Speaker, Master Trainer, Post Secondary Applied Psychology Educator, Network Hub; Chad has worn a few hats, but none that he wears so gladly as that of “Sustainable Community Advocate.” From selecting the land and building homes with social infrastructure to weaving internally self supporting regenerative economies that ensure all the community resident’s needs are met, Chad enjoys almost every piece of the the adventure. He looks forward to helping others achieve the dream of creating their own real-life dream communities, so the only question is…. Are you bold enough to join him?

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