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Mainstreaming impact – what if all companies could become impact ventures?

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We are passionate about impact investments and their contribution to a better future. But we won’t change the world when most ventures are left out of the conversation because “they are not there yet”. In order to achieve the 2030 goals set by the SDGs we need the majority of companies committed to making an impact.  So, how can we make impact investments reach the mainstream? How can we nudge all companies toward an impact journey?
Join Conscious Growth and Possibilian Ventures in a fireside chat where their co-founders will expand on ideas, strategies and tactics to make more companies venture better and seek conscious growth 🙂

Confirmed Panelists

Julia Profeta Johansson – Julia is a Brazilian impact investor and venture capitalist based out of Berlin, bridging the gap between the impact ecosystem and the mainstream through her 2 Ventures: Conscious Growth, the startup bank for good, and Ella Impact, the global female community for impact.
Michael Lewkowitz – Michael is the co-founder of Possibilian Ventures and Venture Better, two initiatives created to help find, fund, and support mission-driven ventures and funds in achieving better outcomes and transformative change.

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