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Social Impact Cash Deposit Options in a COVID-Concerned, Stock-Market-Abandoned, Cash-Rich World

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This panel will include representatives from CDFI’s and organizations offering impact CD’s as well social impact money market alternatives, discussing how, with billions of dollars leaving the stock market in the wake of the virus pandemic, opportunities exist to redirect those funds from traditional banks and money market funds (which may have investment policies directly contradictory to the values of the depositors) into companies that can offer not only comparative financial returns but also meaningful community benefits. The panel will address different options as well as the applicability of various solutions to the requirements of individual depositors based on, for example, the size of the deposit or the need (or not) to have next-day access to funds. The panel will also touch on the false narratives of certain non-mission-based groups that are capitalizing on this opportunity to strengthen communities.


Confirmed Panelists

Panelists: CNote CEO, various CDFI executives (e.g., Low Income Investment Fund), and representative from Impact Deposit Corp.


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  1. Cash is an overlooked place to generate impact. There is a mountain of opportunity to do more with cash!

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