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The Compelling Intersection of Financial Literacy for Children and Young Adults and the Use of Donor-Advised Funds

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As U.S. Trust Company’s Insights on Wealth and Worth reported, more than 50% of all wealthy parents are not confident their children will be prepared to handle a financial inheritance. And as Richard Tafel noted in America’s ‘Great Wealth Transfer’: How to pass on values and purpose, “To further complicate this transfer moment, the generations have differing views on ‘doing good’; many in the older generation feel a responsibility to give back to society through philanthropy, while most young inheritors are more interested in for-profit social ventures.” With only 17 states teaching basic financial literacy in schools and with most parents lacking the time and tools to educate their kids properly, this panel will discuss this challenge and its ramifications while exploring an approach to using donor-advised funds (DAF’s) as financial education funds that benefit parents, their children, and social entrepreneurs whose enterprises benefit from DAF investment.


Confirmed Panelists

Robyn Polansky Morrison, financial literacy expert; John McIntyre, CEO of financial literacy app company; Rick Davis, Managing Partner of LOHAS Advisors, donor-advised fund usage thought leader

Unconfirmed Panelists

President of donor-advised fund sponsor (already identified, just not yet confirmed)

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