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Scaling Fintech for Refugees in Europe

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There is so much exciting innovation around financial health coming out of Europe’s startup hubs — but ironically, virtually none of this innovation is reaching the large refugee populations living inside Europe’s borders.

Between 2015 and 2017, three million people fled violence or persecution to seek refugee status in the European Union. As the conversation has shifted from crisis management to population integration, one of the most important questions has become how to integrate refugees into the formal financial systems of their new homes. Fintech offers tremendous potential to help underbanked refugee communities, from digital ID tools that replace the need for missing identification, to digital banking products that make it easier to send money to family back home.

But European fintech startups face significant barriers around working with refugee populations – from burdensome regulations to challenges around building trust with a population that has deep concerns around security and privacy. This panel will build on the lessons of Village Capital and PayPal’s report, Breaking Down Barriers, to discuss how investors, traditional banks and government leaders can work together to reduce these barriers to scale and impact.

Confirmed Panelists

Marta Zaccagnini, Programs Manager, Europe, Village Capital

Misha Roa, Founder, Haus of Fintech

Nick Mason, Co-founder and CEO, Zaka

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