Interactive Workshop (*Up to 40 Participants)

A Diagnostic Tool for Entrepreneur Supporters: Building a Pathway to Sustainability and Impact

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We have a lot of data about what make an entrepreneur effective – but what makes an entrepreneur support organization effective? Join this workshop to try out a new diagnostic tool from Village Capital designed to help incubators and accelerators measure impact and build a path to sustainability.

There are now thousands of entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) around the world, from incubators and accelerators to seed funds. These ESOs are critical building blocks for emerging startup ecosystems, and valuable connectors that can help drive funding to entrepreneurs in investors’ blind spots.

But many ESOs are startups themselves, and express similar frustrations as the startups they support: how to build a sustainable business model, hire and retain high-quality talent, and secure funding from foundations, corporations and government agencies. At the same time, funders struggle to quantify how effective ESOs are at achieving their mission and building a sustainable model.

The Entrepreneur Support Organization Diagnostic is an experimental tool developed by Village Capital in consultation with ESOs and funders, to help ESOs evaluate themselves relative to industry standards, and help funders evaluate ESOs. Inspired by Village Capital’s popular Abaca rubric, which is now used by more than 2,000 startups around the world, the Diagnostic consists of eight categories including Financial Model, Pipeline and Ecosystem. This session is a chance for ESOs and funders to test the diagnostic themselves, provide feedback and share their own experiences supporting entrepreneurs.

Confirmed Panelists

Rachel Crawford, Village Capital

Adedana Ashebir, Village Capital

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