Part Fireside Chat - Part Breakout Room - Part Facilitated Community-Building + Networking

Reclaiming Learning as a Mechanism for Increasing Capacity for Impact

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Hosted by colleagues and friends of Custom Learning Atelier, this session will be a contextually responsive mix of a fireside chat, Zoom breakout rooms, and facilitated community-building and networking.

We believe that learning is the most powerful force on the planet.

Too often, the most powerful people and institutions in the world utilize the art and science of learning and development to create and sustain inequitable human existences. It’s time to reclaim learning for good. 

For us, it’s a matter of paying a different type of attention.

We were struck by the question, “how might we apply equity to organizational design?” found within the call for submissions.

We are responding with, “what if we start with equity and apply what we know about learning and development in order to increase capacity within those organizations?”

Participants will engage with three questions:

1) How do we start with equity within the context of learning? What does this entail?

2) How do we apply this to the difference you’re seeking to make in the world?

3) What is your next learning step and who can help?

Join us for a deep dive into reclaiming learning as a mechanism for creating an equitable world.

“When we know better, we tend to do better.” – Maya Angelou

We know better. Let’s do better.


Confirmed Panelists

Beth Salyers, Ph.D (she/her)

Founder + CEO of Custom Learning Atelier.

Custom Learning Atelier is a human-centered learning + development company.

We are headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, the ancestral lands of the Chitimacha, Atakapa, Caddo, Choctaw, Houma, Natchez, and Tunica Peoples. (Website launching July 31, 2020)

Our mission is to help socially + environmentally conscious organizations increase their capacity to do good in the world through custom-designed learning programs.

Our vision is to reclaim learning as a mechanism for creating an equitable world.

Unconfirmed Panelists

A diverse group of colleagues and friends of Custom Learning Atelier in order to meet the contextual realities and needs of our world in October 2020.

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