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Collaboration and Transparency: Lessons from Rapid Response Investor Organizing During Coronavirus

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Coronavirus was a test for the field of impact investing. Even as traditional investors turned bearish, a number of impact investors moved quickly to increase or even accelerate their capital deployment.

The first few weeks of the crisis saw the creation of several networks and platforms aimed at improving investor and funder coordination, including the GIIN’s Response, Recovery and Resilience Coalition, the WEF’s COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs, and the COVID-19 Investor Coalition created by Village Capital and the Sorenson Impact Foundation. These networks were designed to share pipeline, surface new opportunities and ultimately reduce market fragmentation and duplication of work.

This panel will bring together several organizers of those groups to share lessons learned from rapid-response investor organizing; and discuss how impact investors can take those lessons around collaboration, rapid response and transparency into the future.

Confirmed Panelists

Kelly Bryan, Village Capital

Meredith Shields, Sorenson Impact Foundation

Caroline Bruin, World Economic Forum COVID Response Alliance

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