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Speaking the same language: how common frameworks in technology and reporting build bridges between social enterprises and impact investors.

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In early 2020, an initiative led by the Relativ Group in association and GROW Educare Centres set out to test the application of a common impact framework developed by the Impact Management Project with a social enterprise focused on ECD in South Africa. The result was the design and publication of an impact report that successfully combines the power of technology, data and existing impact metrics. The GROW Educare impact report is the first of its kind to apply the IMP Framework as a common language to bring impact investors and social enterprises together to enhance decision-making and performance management.

This session will present the findings of this experiment from the perspective from each of the key stakeholders involved in the project to inspire the audience to see impact reporting not as a function of compliance, rather an opportunity to foster collaboration between impact makers and investors. With deeper understanding and comparable data sets, various participants in the investment value chain have access to the necessary evidence to build trust and facilitate deal-making, improving the flows of capital to impact makers and the growth of the impact economy.




Confirmed Panelists

Dr Colin Habberton – Relativ Group (ZAR, NZ)

Tracey Chambers – GROW Educare Centres (ZAR)

Hetal Sheth – Sopact (US)


Unconfirmed Panelists

James Hicks – Impact Management Project (UK)

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