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Moving Beyond Theories of Change: A Framework for Strategic Implementation for Impact Investing

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Long-term, systemic change requires a deep understanding of the complex logistics of impact—of when and how to move the human, financial, and even intellectual resources needed to accomplish the goal.

This change requires not only a strategy but a well-constructed plan for implementing that strategy, one that anticipates the likely necessity of adaptation in response to realities on the ground. Fourteen years of continuous practice has taught us to think closely about three forces in particular, each of which we label with a P: People, Partners, and Platforms. As impact investors begin to advance their goals, we encourage the assessment of each of these forces carefully, considering how they will likely interact in implementation contexts and whether—in different combinations and amounts, and over various time frames—they will work to successfully effect the desired social change outcomes. As investors consider the people they hope to serve, this 3P framework creates an opportunity to consider how to engage with others towards a shared goal, how to engage within the increasingly crowded impact investing market, and how best to structure and deploy capital. By identifying (and, where necessary, creating) connections between and among these forces, we can make the journey from idea to impact.

In this session, impact investors and field builders will share their stories of assessing and aligning the 3 Ps (People, Partners, and Platforms) to develop effective impact investment strategies that making meaningful contributions to their social and environmental missions and to the industries in which they operate. The session will provide an overview of the 3P framework and how attendees can use the tool as a guide for new or advancing impact investment work.

Confirmed Panelists

Gwen Walden, Senior Managing Director, Arabella Advisors

Unconfirmed Panelists

One funder using multiple philanthropic and impact investing platforms to achieve social and environmental impact objectives

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