Large Workshop Format (*500+ Participants)

How to Be Unstoppable In Times of Crises

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When the world we’re living is uncertain, as world-changing leaders we have to rise to the occasion. In order to do so, it’s imperative that we become more conscious and balanced.

During this workshop, I’ll equip you with three strategies every conscious leader needs to lead confidently and courageously when they are outside of their comfort zone. These strategies are based in neuroscience and can be used to solve your most immediate personal or professional problems and create a solid foundation for you as you continue to solve our world’s greatest social and environmental problems.

This workshop is tailored for leaders that are open-minded and interested in increasing your self-awareness.  If you are willing to take a new approach and able to commit a few minutes a day to develop new ways of thinking to become a more conscious leader, this workshop is for you.

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This workshop is presented by Lisa Arie, an expert at navigating the unexpected moment and the co-founder of Vista Caballo. Vista Caballo is an award-winning, international personal and leadership development center for conscious leaders committed and dedicated to driving positive change in their companies and on our planet. Lisa has spent the last 15+ years equipping leaders and their teams to lead outside of their comfort zones, including fellow B Corps, Ben & Jerry’s and Seventh Generation. Fast Company magazine calls Lisa the “CEO Whisperer.” Vista Caballo equips and empowers conscious leaders to access their subconscious thinking and elevates it to a conscious state so you, your leaders and their teams can make bigger, bolder, better decisions in critical moments developing the ability to grow continually and effortlessly in any environment.

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