Workshop (*With Breakout Rooms)

What is Takes to Get Funded as a Womxn or New Majority Founder

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Small business loans, pandemic grants, impact investments, crowdfunding, bootstrapping – what’s the best way to scale your mission-driven business and how should you go about nailing down funding?

The first part of this session will feature a diverse panel of mission-driven founders that have received funding from different sources. They’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly of fundraising – from their tips on preparing to receive funding to the things they wish they knew.

For the second part of the session, we’ll give you the opportunity to choose a breakout room with one of the panelists to have time to ask questions in a smaller group environment and to meet other founders that have sought a funding path you’re interested in learning more about.

While we’ll be sharing the stories and experiences of womxn and new majority founders, anyone is welcome to join.

Confirmed Panelists

This session will be facilitated by Christina Marie Noel. Christina is a Marketing Strategist, Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Facilitator. Christina is the founder of the Figure Your Sh*t Out (FYSO) Accelerator, the first program of its kind for mission-driven founders that focuses on creating a safe space to test their big ideas, hone their business models, and figure their sh*t out, in community. Now in its second cohort, FYSO is giving 22 mission-driven founders the support and accountability they need to thrive. FYSO was created to be an inclusive space and the latest cohort is 78% womxn founders and 39% new majority founders.

Christina is also a leader within the global B Corp movement and was awarded the global B Corp MVP award in 2015 for her community-building leadership in North Carolina.

Christina is passionate about creating space for mission-driven organizations and leaders to connect as they work to bring their bold, world-changing ideas to life.

Unconfirmed Panelists

We will be reaching out to mission-driven founders that have received funding from different sources.

Specifically, we’ll be reaching out to Wanona Satcher, Founder of Mākhers Studio to see whether she’d be open to sharing her successful experience with crowdfunding with iFundwomen for her for-profit social enterprise design-build firm. She also recently received a grant from Visa & iFundWomen.

We’ll also be reaching out to Alix Peabody, Founder of Bev as she recently spoke to the FYSO Accelerator about her experience building her feminist, canned wine company and securing $7 million in venture funding from Founders Fund.

For our third panelist, We’ll be reaching out to my contacts in the impact investing community to find a womxn or new majority founder that’s secured funding from impact investors that would be interested in joining this panel.


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