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Free Money Live: How Long-Term Investors can Change The World

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Pension funds, sovereign funds, endowments, and other asset owner institutions collectively manage roughly a third of all the money on earth.

They tend to be globally diversified and invest with long time horizons, which aligns them with the public interest because they cannot succeed unless human enterprise flourishes around the world. They also provide most of the world’s risk capital, which makes them the base of modern capitalism.

Our mission at Free Money is to help them find the freedom to properly fulfill their potential, orient their operations toward projects that build collective value, and serve as truly effective stewards of society’s accumulated capital.

It’s more profitable to try and extract value from them, so we have plenty of competition. But our greatest enemy is ignorance, not malevolence. So we spent the last episode of the year talking about at least five forces which work together to leave the world’s financial plumbing in thrall to the tyranny of low expectations.

In this fireside chat, we’ll examine and interrogate:

  1. The influence of unexamined norms in finance
  2. The pleasant fiction of free markets
  3. Individually rational, collectively insane actions that are commonplace today
  4. Institutional resistance to innovation
  5. The low probability of positive change

Confirmed Panelists

Dr. Ashby Monk is a co-host of Free Money as well as the Executive and Research Director of the Stanford Global Projects Center. He has a strong track record of academic and industry publications. He was named by CIO Magazine as one of the most influential academics in the institutional investing world. His research and writing has been featured in The Economist, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Institutional Investor, Reuters, Forbes, and on National Public Radio among a variety of other media. His current research focus is on the design and governance of institutional investors, with particular specialization on pension and sovereign wealth funds. Outside of Stanford, he is the co-founder and Chairman of Long Game Savings. He received his Doctorate in Economic Geography at Oxford University and holds a Master’s in International Economics from the Universite de Paris I – Pantheon Sorbonne and a Bachelor’s in Economics from Princeton University.

Sloane Ortel is a co-host of Free Money as well as the ‘Inclusion in Wealth’ columnist at Citywire RIA and a consultant for various institutional investors and trade bodies. She has been an active contributor to industry dialogues since her sophomore year in college, when she joined CFA Institute to build the Enterprising Investor and helped grow it into one of the most widely read investment blogs in the world. Her own writing has been featured in The Singapore Business Times, London City A.M., Yahoo! Finance, Institutional Investor, CNBC, Morningstar, and various other media. Outside of her work in the financial industry, she is active as a standup comedian and alpine ski racer.

Unconfirmed Panelists

We will likely feature one or more guests of similar caliber and expertise to those that have appeared on our podcast. Our most recent guests have been:


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