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Small States: Creative Social Innovation and Financing for Sustainable and Resilient Well-Being

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By the very nature of their openness and vulnerability to external shocks, small states must think differently about the scope, supply and breadth of their social innovation practices, even as they recognize that tech knowledge, creativity and learning are key to unlocking sustainable futures.  Intertwined cultural, ecosystem, infrastructure and investment questions are equally critical to developing effective strategic interventions. And when the ultimate objective is to put people and their everyday needs at the heart of development, the practicalities can be daunting.  As small states look to reopen and reboot economies and societies ravaged by the global COVID-19 pandemic, this panel will focus on the interplay between governmental vision, programming and funding, the private sector and related tech/social innovation support for a more inclusive future.  The ‘connective tissue’ of cyberphysical infrastructure and networking will be reviewed with examples that include COVID-19 pandemic responses critical to the sustainable realization of development goals. Central America, the Caribbean, former Soviet transition economies, cases and models will be discussed including by those who work in and on impact investment platforms. Please join us!

Confirmed Panelists

Dr Annalee C. Babb, Prime Minister’s Special Envoy | Special Advisor to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology, Government of Barbados & Government of Barbados COVID-19 Tech Response Team

Dr Alvaro Salas Castro, Democracy Lab & Government of Costa Rica COVID-19 Task Force
Dr Audrey Selian, Artha Impact (Rianta Captal), Advisor to Halloran Philanthropies
  1. Dr Lee McKnight (Moderator), Syracuse University and NIST COVID19 Task Force

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  1. Social strategic international will be key in winning the fight against this pamidemic and those to come. How to have these social strategies incorporated into people’s current being without having to sacrifice a lot is what continues to be challenging. I look forward to learning and reading more about your ideas.

  2. This is an important conversation — policies that address equity as foundational as we realize the potential of technology.

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