Interactive Workshop (*Up to 40 Participants)

A Puzzle Without Corners: Portfolio Construction + Alternative Instruments

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Social entrepreneurs need capital that matches growth strategy and impact goals: alternatives to growth equity and grant funding can better position entrepreneurs for sustainable performance, and allow founders to prioritize both growth and impact. Investors, however, are presented with a puzzle: when is a company ready for growth equity, and when should alternatives be deployed–and how does one balance these instruments across portfolio return expectations. This session will quickly cover select instruments (e.g. RSA, equity with buy back structure, growth equity, convertible), and then charge teams with constructing a portfolio of investments against those instruments. Teams will be asked to consider: exit strategy, current fundraising status / capital stack, revenue model, growth potential, and impact potential, and to a portfolio of investments to reach specific goals.

Confirmed Panelists

The workshop will be moderated by Casey van der Stricht, Principal of Solve Innovation Future–a first in kind philanthropic venture vehicle, making direct investments in Solver teams: tech-driven entrepreneurs focused on solving the world’s most pressing problems.

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