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No water, no life

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Water is critical for the planet, its ecosystems and its inhabitants to survive and thrive. It is essential for life, for health, for agriculture and, at an economic level, it is a central fuel for the global economy. While there is no substitute for itwater is a finite resource. Every drop of water on the planet we have now, we have always had. It will never increase.  

But we are rapidly running short on water we can use. Only 0.4% of the global water reserves is available for useWater scarcity is already a major issue with 2 billion people living in high water stressed countries. This is expected to worsen significantly within the next 10 years. By 2030, we could be facing a 40% gap in water supply and demand globally. 

While currently being somewhat in the shadows of other environment-related impact themes, addressing the water crisis is also critical for climate change action. Indeed, because of the enormous amount of energy required to treat and distribute water, water is a large contributor to climate change. The negative impacts are compounded by poor, inefficient infrastructures which lead to non-revenue water – water that has been treated but is “lost” before it reaches end users. Water is also central to climate change adaptation as it is one of the most direct medium through which we experience climate change.  

We believe water underpins most if not all other impact themes and SDGs.  

But tackling the water crisis requires collective action from companies, investors, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and consumers. Join our panelists of leading water experts coming from across the industry to learn about some of the innovative solutions that are being adopted in the market right now and to discuss the importance of investing in water to achieving the SDGs

Confirmed Panelists

  • Alexander Crowell – Managing Director at PureTerra Ventures
  • Josephine Damstra – Project Officer Finance for Water at the Netherlands Water Partnership
  • Steven van Weede – Managing Director at Palladium Impact Capital (moderator)

Unconfirmed Panelists

  • An additional water investment expert (TBC)

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