Panel + Q&A (*Maximum 4 Panelists)

Youth on the Front Lines: How Innovative Companies are Supporting Opportunity Youth to Thrive at Work

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Young people taking on their first jobs—especially those previously disconnected from work and education systems—need unique supports to thrive in frontline roles. Hear from youth, business leaders, and community-based organizations about the most innovative management and business practices, from inclusive management, employee engagement, tailored benefits, and unique onboarding and retention models, to ensure these young workers are set up for success from day one. 

Confirmed Panelists

Stephen Yadzinski, acting general manager, JFFLabs

Unconfirmed Panelists

Moderator: Sarah Keh, vice president of corporate giving within the Office of Corporate Social Responsibility at Prudential Financial, Inc.

Panel may include representatives from:

  • Opportunity Youth United
  • Large and small business coalitions 
  • Community-based organizations

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