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Art, Communication, Healing and Renewal

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Art generally and the performing arts in particular allow and foster communication and healing, often on a nonverbal level, which allows for people who do not share a common language or vocabulary to better understand each other.  Art is vital to functioning societies, but has recently been sidelined in terms of public funding and support.  With COVID, opportunities for income and support of artists, particularly performing artists has dried up at a time when we need the expressive and healing powers of art the most.  Despite the lack of funding and obstacles, artists have continued to try to create content addressing the pandemic, racial inequality, perseverance and hope, among other themes, often for free or pay what you can.  This session would explore with artists how they are trying to adjust their lives and art to accommodate new constraints and challenges; what new structures and financing might be deployed to help them support themselves and the incredible power of art to communicate, inspire and foster healing.  Examples below.


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This panel would bring together visual artists and dancers from the US and abroad.  Likely participants would include arts administrators; dancers or former dancers from Alvin Ailey, ABT, and Pennsylvania Ballet; as well as visual artists.  The panel will be diverse.

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