Interactive Workshop (*Up to 40 Participants)

Pay for Impact: Democratizing impact through digital interventions

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Digital tools have the power to transform the way development is implemented, not only in dissemination and collection of information, but in providing solutions that work for the poor. A community led approach to digital deployment has the legitimacy to achieve traction and sustain engagement, while being uniquely scalable. Verified impact has value, how can we monetize this and allocate it to farmers? 

In this interactive workshop, we will examine points of engagement for digital solutions in development work and build a model collaboratively. The workshop will center around a pay for impact model, with discussions on data collection and ownership, analytics packages, and cross partner collaboration opportunities.

Confirmed Panelists

Frederik Claasen, Impact Investment Specialist, Solidaridad Network

Monique Vanni, FairData Specialist, Solidaridad Network

Aunnie Patton Power, Founder, Intelligent Impact

Unconfirmed Panelists

Gerard van der Burg, Innovation Director, IMPACT

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  1. Solidaridad west Africa Change that matters mantra’s is revolving in west Africa.

    Keep Rising..

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