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Reclaiming Sustainability: Democratic Ownership Models

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We need a new economy. An economy that works for the poor, with a better balance between local economic development and globalization.This better balance — which we refer to as glocality — will require increased and renewed ownership. 

On average only 4%-7% of retail value ends up in the hands of smallholder farmers, despite smallholders making up more than 83% of global agriculture. In this session, we analyze case studies for democratic ownership models in the global development space, with a focus on agriculture — what is possible, what does the data show, and where is innovation needed?

Confirmed Panelists

Ayan Banerjee, Regional Head for Impact Investments (Asia), Solidaridad Network

Unconfirmed Panelists

Rachel Wanyoike, Managing Director – East & Central Africa, Solidaridad Network

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  1. The idea is enshrined on bottom-up approach to the benefit of our small holder farmers. They form the greatest percentage i.e 75% of agricultural production rendering them as very important entity in the supply chain. Innovations and other intervention in agriculture must be centered around them to ensure sustainability.

  2. The model is the one that work for the poor, rural farmer’s and active poor.
    The African leaders need to joined hand in this model.

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