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The Time is Now for a New, Better Way to Donate | Case Study: NPX regional Economic Mobility Donor Impact Funds in Colorado and the Bay Area

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In times of crisis, donations pour in across the country from generous, well-intentioned donors. 

Years later, we reflect back on what those donations accomplished, and the headlines often read: “Where’s the impact?”

This cannot happen again. Not now. Not when we have a solution that explicitly links money with results.

NPX developed a new way to fund nonprofits called a Donor Impact Fund or “DIF”.

The DIF is unique to every other donor collaborative or philanthropic fund in two ways. First, donations only leave the fund if impact is achieved and, second, it engages impact investors with a new way to invest in nonprofits with the potential for a double bottom line return. 

In May 2020, NPX launched its first two regional DIFS totaling $10M in philanthropic capital to fund a portfolio of nonprofits focused on driving upward economic mobility for our most vulnerable populations in Colorado and the Bay Area. 

Participants in the funds include The Anschutz Foundation, Colorado Health Foundation, The Dakota Foundation, The Denver Foundation, Giving Pledge Members Charlie & Cantey Ergen of Telluray, Mark Newhouse and Bay Area women philanthropists Stephanie DiMarco, Tomoko Fortune, Julia Hartz, Katie Hall, Liebe Patterson, Katie Schwab Paige, Sequoia Taylor and others.

Learn more about this innovative new type of fund that could be replicated in every city across America. 

Confirmed Panelists

NPX Co-CEO & Co-Founder – Lindsay Beck or Catarina Schwab

We have a long list of confirmed donors in both funds that we can ask to participate on the panel. Our ideal panel is proposed below. If our submission is accepted, we look forward to discussing the best panel for SOCAP 2020.

Unconfirmed Panelists

Julia Hartz, CEO at Eventbrite

Sharon Schneider, Executive Director at Telluray Foundation

Tracey Stewart, Investment Director at Gary Community Investments

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