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Getting to yes: Roadmap for Partnerships for Social Enterprises with Larger Public and Private Players

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Development challenges increasingly require the effort and collaboration of multiple stakeholders—from corporates to NGOs, start-ups to governments—in order to create real change. The imperative to partner is even more pressing due to Covid-19 challenges in emerging markets. Successful collaborations are more important than ever and they require disciplined models – ensuring partners accommodate each other’s goals, understanding unique organizational cultures, having a clear eye on risks, and knowing who is bringing what resources to the table.

During this workshop, participants with will have the opportunity to hear lessons learned about cross-sector partnership experiences, share their own experiences, and preview partnership tools and approaches in small groups. Participants will hear from 3 different start-ups on their experiences setting up complex partnerships, and after each short case study presentation, D-Lab, FHI Ventures and FHI 360 will share tools and frameworks that can be applied more broadly.


This session will include first hand experiences of entities who are actively facilitating and brokering hybrid partnerships in the US and emerging markets, from:

  • FHI Ventures, and impact investing firm that invests in early stage social enterprises in the US and emerging markets and has been successfully facilitating partnerships with FHI 360 and it’s network for the enterprises it invests in
  • MIT D-Lab runs a global accelerator working with local entrepreneurs bringing poverty-alleviating products and services to emerging markets at scale and has partnered with Intellecap to develop innovative tools and services to facilitate partnerships
  • Intellecap, advisory arm of The Aavishkaar Group. The group is a global pioneer in taking an entrepreneurship-based approach towards development.
  • Johnson &  Johnson, corporation that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods
  • FHI 360, a large global nonprofit with presence in over 60+ countries working in the areas of health, education, economic development and humanitarian crisis


Confirmed Panelists

  • Jona Repishti, Social Entrepreneurship Manager, MIT D-Lab
  • Priyanka Rao, Principal, FHI Ventures

Unconfirmed Panelists

Stefanie Bauer, Director Circular Apparel Innovation Factory, Intellecap

Michael Moscherosch, Director R&D, External Innovation & Alliances at Johnson & Johnson

Janel Poche, Associate Director, Partnerships, FHI 360

3-4 social enterprises


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  1. Blended finance strategies are hugely important. This session will advance the dialogue.

  2. The idea is definitely a good concept when new concepts need to analysed and feedback can be obtained.

  3. The road map is well structured and will help prospective entrepreneurs in the social sector

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