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How Private, Public and Nonprofit Can Serve The Most People In Crisis

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Currently the unemployment rate in the U.S. is nearly 23%. More than ever, people are accessing systems not equipped for this volume. As strain on public resources deepens, the private sector has a unique opportunity to impact the lives of the American people. The current state of affairs demand that companies do more than put out statements of support. This session will discuss how business, government, and non-profit leaders can work together to create solutions. Jake Soberal can describe how Bitwise Industries built a coalition in California of such organizations to launch OnwardCA and why he thinks these sorts of public/private partnerships are the way to help as many people as possible during times of crisis.

Confirmed Panelists

Jake Soberal, CEO and co-founder of Bitwise Industries

Jaisa Minor Investments at New Voices Fund

Unconfirmed Panelists




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