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Why B Corps Matter: The Value of B Corp Certification Standards

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Mission based business leaders and impact Investors may wonder whether B Corp Certification is rigorous enough to be considered “impact”. After all, most B Corps hold high financial return goals alongside their missions, and do not necessarily exist primarily to solve a social or environmental problem for humanity or the earth.

In this panel we will discuss the substance that underlies the B Corp Certification label and how it impacts businesses’ operational integrity and resilience. By going through a detailed assessment and verification process required, all certified companies – those that exist to solve a social or environmental problem, and those that are “regular” businesses – are held to the same fundamental operating standards. These standards span companies’ governance structures, diversity, worker policies, environmental management, and relationships they have with their customers and communities. Companies may, and often do, move beyond those basic standards, but are nonetheless required to meet them.

In this panel we will hear from CEOs of leading companies that can speak to how the B Corp Certification process has made their businesses:

  • Meet higher operational standards across all B Corp metrics
  • More compelling investments to both impact and traditional investors
  • Resilient in times like these through deeper relationships with all stakeholders

Confirmed Panelists

Jen Gorin, Founder of Impact Growth Partners will moderate the panel.

Unconfirmed Panelists

Panelists will be curated based on feedback on synopsis and will include CEOs from businesses of various sizes and level of business model impact.


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