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Emotional Intelligence Training: How to Prepare for the Future of Work

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This presentation will cover research on the future of work, the challenges that current and upcoming workers will face as it relates to the impact of technology, and what employers, employees, educators, and students can do immediately to prepare and adapt to a developing technological environment. While the 4th Industrial Revolution is seen as one about new developments in tech and its disruption, we believe the 4th Industrial Revolution will be an age that incentivizes not only technical skills but our most human skills – social and emotional competencies and emotional intelligence (EI).

Panelists from School Districts and Workforce Development Boards will discuss their novel approach to delivering EI in K-12 Education and in Workforce Training at scale, their process of blending both IQ (traditional academics) and EQ (social-emotional competencies) into existing programs like career exploration, work readiness, and graduation profiles. Additionally, they will discuss the challenges they had to overcome from developing a common language within their communities to upskilling leaders and educators with empathic and human centered facilitation practices.

Confirmed Panelists

Edgar Blunt: Edgar wants to live in a world filled with happy and fulfilled humans, where everyone finds value in their experience of life through play, work and meaningful human interactions. In this world, karaoke happens more days than not and there is always room for another friend to talk about positive systemic change. As a gregarious shenanigator with more than 20 years of experience in workforce and human development, he’s worked with a multitude of school districts and workforce agencies to explore and improve the way we approach our lives through his emotional intelligence curricula and training company, IMAGO. When he’s not inspiring change one young mind at a time or running innovative workshops around the nation, you can find him running around barefoot with his family and encouraging his team of change agents toward IMAGO’s vision for a happier, more emotionally intelligent world.

Unconfirmed Panelists

Snehal Bahkta: Clark County School District, Career, Technical Education Coordinator

Jeremy Ward: Fresno Unified School District, College and Career Readiness Executive Officer

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