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Race, Climate, Cleantech, and an Equitable Economy

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Can innovation and entrepreneurship help to dismantle racial injustice and wealth inequality?
In addition to the impacts of the climate crisis being disproportionately concentrated on frontline communities, their opportunities to grow wealth through cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship are often out of reach, and many of the technologies that offer climate solutions are unaffordable to low-income communities. In this session, our panel representing foundations, non-profits, and cleantech accelerators will explore how the intersection of these injustices creates a high-leverage opportunity to make an impact through inclusive and equitable cleantech acceleration.

Confirmed Panelists

Jo Brickman, Deputy Director and Director of Impact Strategy, VertueLab,

Marilyn Waite, Program Officer in Environment, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation,

Unconfirmed Panelists

Hop Hopkins, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sierra Club

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