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Harnessing the power of a Community of Innovation to inspire radical change

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  • How can we bring together the voices of a diverse, interdisciplinary, and inter-generational community of end users, innovators, and organizations to co-design solutions, and amplify their social & economic impact?
  • How can we mobilize the lived experience and expertise of individuals & communities that intersect innovation, aging, research, health care, education, social development, and entrepreneurship, and bridge the gap from solution development to growth & scale across multiple settings?
  • What specific models & strategies can we use to foster meaningful collaboration among entrepreneurs, funders, leaders, and beneficiaries, of the social capital markets to catalyse change for increased & sustained impact?

Through an interactive workshop – that will include a facilitated discussion, case examples, and a live demo with audience participation and polling – we will explore these questions from the unique perspectives of: 1) a solution accelerator – the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation, 2) solution end users from the Lived Experience Advisory Panel, and 3) innovators designing brain health and aging solutions (e.g., GTCare – an app to help seniors and their families locate companions with compatible cultural perspectives).

We will demonstrate how an activated & diverse community of innovation can identify, co-design, and scale solutions to directly target the needs of aging adults so that they can thrive in the setting of their choice while maintaining their cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being. By engaging in this community, older adults and caregivers are empowered to connect with each other, exchange their stories of lived experience, and directly influence the design and uptake of solutions, while reducing feelings of social isolation and the stigma associated with ageism. We will share our unique model for engaging community to accelerate innovation so that others can adapt & apply these ideas to inspire rapid change  in their own sectors.

Confirmed Panelists

  1. Bianca Stern is Executive Director, Health Innovation at CABHI. Her career spans over 35 years in health care within private and public sectors; including community, post-acute and long term care. She has also been involved at university and college levels in curriculum design, research, teaching and student mentorship. Bianca has built on her Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Science, creatively intersecting the art and science of healthcare with innovation, technology, and industry. Bianca is a thought leader in the area of innovation, blending design thinking and arts based tools with an inclusive, participatory user focus, capitalizing on emerging technologies and theoretical knowledge to stimulate innovative solutions for the journey of aging. Bianca currently oversees the innovation team at CABHI including the Design Lab, Seniors Advisory Panel, Innovation Office and project pipeline. She is also actively involved in helping to foster a culture of innovation and knowledge mobilization at Baycrest Health Sciences and across the CABHI network partner sites.
  2. Hilary Randall-Grace is a retired CA whose career was devoted to risk management consulting (cultural, strategic, and operational risk), quality client service, governance and ethics. Her passion for seniors and the brain stemmed from eight years of intense caregiving for her parents. She has experienced the challenges facing aging adults and their caregiving families and strongly believes that our seemingly “throw-away society” has left seniors, and their potential for contribution, unappreciated. After retiring, Hilary attained a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology (with Honours) from Durham College. She currently is Co-Chair of CABHI’s Senior Advisory Panel and leads a Working Committee on expanding the Diversity and Reach of End User Engagement in Innovation. Her other volunteer work includes facilitating spousal and adult children caregiver support groups for the Alzheimer Society and delivering recreation programs to seniors with dementia in a long term care facility. Hilary is married with one son and loves dogs, travelling, and cooking.
  3. Sharon Kiptoo is passionate about aging  and innovation in the healthcare space. Her experience of over 10 years has been in Pharmaceuticals, Occupational health, Emergency health and now in the senior population in Victoria, British Columbia as a Corporate Educator. Sharon also holds an Associate and Bachelor’s of Nursing from Purdue-Calumet University, Indiana and Master’s in Global Business from University of Victoria. While in those various settings, Sharon has  learned to approach the aging process with various lenses, from the patient/ resident perspective, from the family’s support system as well as the caregiving lens.  Working collaboratively with her team members, she was able to provide insights and consultations as they moved through the Victoria-Code Hack Challenge and took first place.
  4. Shusmita Rashid is a Senior Implementation Specialist, Systems Innovation at the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation. She engages end users, researchers, and innovators to facilitate the acceleration of innovations and works closely with organizations to enhance organizational culture for the adoption of innovations. Shusmita holds an MPH from the University of Manchester and a BSc. from the University of Toronto and has over eight years of experience using Implementation Science and Integrated Knowledge Translation to design, implement, and evaluate evidence and theory-based programs. Shusmita has provided technical assistance on 16 large scale healthcare research projects and coached over 25 organizations on implementing research and innovation in real world settings. In her previous role as Research Manager, Knowledge Translation Program at St. Michael’s Hospital, Shusmita co-developed the Practicing Knowledge Translation course and supported Partners in Research – an online course for patients, families/caregivers and healthcare researchers interested in partnering to improve health research and healthcare outcomes. Shusmita has delivered 14 in-person workshops and 25 online coaching webinars on applied KT to over 800 participants in 4 countries (Canada, Australia, Ethiopia and Uganda).


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