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What do we need to unlearn now?

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2020 is the Year of Unlearning. The COVID-19 pandemic brought devastation to millions around the world, and has shown us the precarity of our current economic systems.  The nature of work has changed dramatically and we will never return to a pre-covid state. We need new approaches to business and 2020 offers us a unprecedented opportunity to intentionally create new ways of working and for impact-driven organizations to lead the way in shaping the the future of work and business. 

We can’t expect to create new ways of working and models based on old ways of thinking. This interactive workshop will explore what we need to unlearn to be able to build back better and create companies that are equitable, inclusive and provide benefit for all. Participants will learn about mental models and how to use unlearning to create innovative new business models, examples of unlearning that have created new markets, products and services that better serve communities, how they can make unlearning part of their everyday practice and, how they can help their companies become “unlearning” organizations. 

Unconfirmed Panelists

Maya Mehta,

  • Global Fellow, League of Intrapreneurs

Marjorie Brans,

  • Director of Impact, School for Social Entrepreneurs Canada
  • Global Team, League of Intrapreneurs



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