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Smart Adaptations & Pivots in Times of Disruption

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Scaling is not a linear path for any social enterprise; these ventures must make smart adaptations and pivots along the way as they aim to balance the tension between impact, financial sustainability, and scale. And for many, some level of disruption along the scaling journey—be it political unrest, extreme weather or health pandemic—is even expected given the contexts within which they work in and the problems they are trying to solve. Agility is in the DNA of social ventures who have successfully scaled.

In early 2020, as COVID-19 spread reached global levels it introduced a new level of disruption, nearly unequal in its global reach and widespread impacts to any other event in the last 70 years. What have nonprofit and for profit social enterprises learned from previous disruptions that have helped them to navigate this one, and what are the parameters within which organizations can make smart adaptations and pivots that build on assets and set them up for future scale?

Join a panel of social enterprises, along with CASE at Duke, to learn about how to rethink and maximize your impact and sustainability during times of disruption.  Ideas have been inspired by interviews of social enterprises through the Scaling Through Mass Disruption series,

Confirmed Panelists

CASE at Duke

Unconfirmed Panelists

Representatives from 4-5  for profit and nonprofit social enterprises, from a range of sectors and geographical regions

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