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Partnership Innovations to address COVID-19 Impacts

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Partnership Innovations to address COVID-19 Impacts

Across the globe, USAID is supporting countries affected by COVID-19. We are working directly with governments, multilateral organizations, NGOs, the private sector, and other organizations responding on the ground to combat the dangerous pathogen. Since the start of the outbreak, USAID and the State Department have committed more than $1 billion in health, humanitarian, economic, and development assistance specifically aimed at fighting the pandemic. Along with the U.S. private sector, the American people continue to lead in responding to this pandemic, having made available more than $11 billion to combat COVID-19. USAID’s response to COVID-19 entails interventions to address immediate health needs of affected communities and also includes efforts to mitigate and respond to social,economic and governance-related impacts. In a high-level panel with USAID and corporate leadership, we will discuss:

  • Highlight innovations to co-create and co-finance solutions with the private sector to achieve maximum speed, impact, and scale in the response
  • Adapting to the new market realities and opportunities in partnership with the private sector, to overcome COVID-19, and “build back better”.
  • Why it’s critical for American organizations (public and private) to support efforts to control the virus beyond its borders 
  • How the public sector’s focus on enabling conditions and policies combined with the private sector’s unique expertise, technologies, and distribution networks are saving lives, mitigating social and economic impacts, and building resilient individuals, communities and institutions in emerging economies and the developing world.
  • Emerging opportunities to address inequality and overcome the digital divide through

Confirmed Panelists

USAID Deputy Adminstrator Bonnie Glick

Unconfirmed Panelists

USAID partners consisting of 2-3 C-suite executives from corporations leading innovative solutions to address COVID-19 in developing world and emerging markets .

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