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How can impact investing lead us into a more equitable and inclusive future?

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Impact Investing emerged as one great approach for addressing the many social & environmental issues the world faces. But many times, and if not properly structured, it can be executed just like traditional investments reinforcing biases, systemic inequalities and privileges that wealthy elites, majorities and other advantaged groups might have. With this in mind, join us to learn and discuss with us which biases exist in impact investing that are impeding equitable investments and how we can expand or democratize the benefits from impact investing.

You will leave this session which is c0-hosted by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Toniic with tangible ideas from leaders and peers as you reflect in breakouts around race, gender, global imbalances and other aspects of inclusiveness on how you can further bring equity to your impact investing journey as well as what you can do to contribute to the solutions required now.

Confirmed Panelists

Andia Laura Chakava, Investment Director, Sterling Investment Bank, Kenia
Andrea Armeni, Transform Finance, USA
Julia Profeta Johansson, Founder, Ella Impact & Conscious Growth, Brazil/Germany
Kanini Mutooni, Toniic, UK
Marcus Glover,  Founding Partner private equity firm M. Glover Capital and Board Chair of Defy Ventures, USA


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  1. Impressive and inspiring Responsible Leaders from the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network sharing their work and thoughts together with our wonderful partner network Toniic around this so important topic of Inclusive Investments – touching on various aspects of inclusion much needed to be taken into account in our efforts around impact investing these days.
    Really looking forward to this session! Hope it gets the votes and attention this topic deserves!

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