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Build Back Better: Fueling An Inclusive, Good Jobs Recovery

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With our world now suffering from a sudden and severe recession, impact investors and social entrepreneurs have no excuse not to be intentional about creating good jobs with their investments and actions. The pandemic wiped out tens of millions of bad jobs, and now we have the chance to build back better. This is true in the United States where the job losses have disproportionately hit low-income workers and people of color. It is true in developing countries where estimates imagine half a billion people could fall back into extreme poverty. The jobs recovery will not be fueled by big business; it will be small and growing businesses that create the next 500 million jobs, and those jobs need to be dignified, with good wages that help vulnerable communities build sustainable wealth.

Investors whose mission is to create jobs for under-served communities will share how to define a dignified job, what it takes to build good jobs that are also good for a business’ bottom line, and what their organizations are doing to support an economic recovery that creates opportunity for historically under-served communities. 

Confirmed Panelists

Bulbul Gupta, CEO, Pacific Community Ventures

Kate Cochran, CEO, Upaya Social Ventures

Unconfirmed Panelists

Graham MacMillan, President, Visa Foundation

Mekaelia Davis, Surdna Foundation

Meredith Shields, Sorenson Impact Foundation

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