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The Future of Education Investing and the Impact of Covid-19 on Education

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The education landscape has been changing globally into hybrid learning systems, and Covid-19 has only catalyzed the future of education. In this panel, hear from experts in education from organizations implementing education strategies around the world, and investors investing the future of education.  Perspectives from investors, fund managers, entrepreneurs and education nonprofits will be shared, including a discussion on:

  • Investing strategies and approaches in the education sector
  • What makes for a good education investment
  • Examples of investment opportunities
  • Key opportunities, challenges, risks and risk mitigation strategies for investors and entrepreneurs interested in this sector
  • The role of technology in education and hybrid learning
  • Potential for impact investment in education in conflict-affected environments
  • Impact of Covid-19 on the future of education





Confirmed Panelists

  • Priyanka Rao, Principal, FHI Ventures
  • Michael Tetelman, Director of Global Education, Employment, and Economic Development, FHI 360
  • Amie Patel, Director, Elevar Equity
  • Sonam Saggar, Vice President, Grid Ventures


Unconfirmed Panelists


  • Education Catalyst Fund
  • Reach Capital

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  1. diversity, equity, technology and a changing world are important issues that have to be addressed

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