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Angels growing wings: Innovations in capital access for early stage entrepreneurs in emerging ecosystems

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Accelerators and other impact entrepreneurship support initiatives in emerging markets have been a focus of development support over the last ten years. However, early stage investment capital remains a bottleneck for entrepreneurs that complete these programs and require funds to grow.

Individual angel investors often provide this capital in more mature entrepreneurial  markets. In 2018, CASE at Duke, Millbrook Impact, and the Bertha Centre at the University of Cape Town, in collaboration with USAID, began a research project to assess the status of angel investor networks in Latin America and Africa, identify innovations and best practices, and make recommendations for development institutions and philanthropists on how they can best support the growth of angel investment capital for emerging impact entrepreneurs.

The Field Guide for Supporting Angels in Emerging Markets will be released this fall. This panel will discuss the research findings and highlight best practices for angel networks and their supporters, answering such questions as:

  • What is the role of angel networks in social and environmental impact?
  • What is the status of angel investment networks in Latin America and Africa?
  • How are angel networks in emerging markets innovating away from the Silicon Valley approach?
  • What are key strategies for engaging and activating new angel investors?
  • What models, beyond angel networks, are effectively activating early stage angel capital?

Learn more about innovative angel capital activation strategies, including many that are relevant to domestic markets as well.

Confirmed Panelists

Bonny Moellenbrock, Principal, Millbrook Impact, Moderator

We have an extensive list of innovators from Latin America and Africa identified by the research that we can ask to participate on the panel. Our ideal panel is proposed below. If our submission is accepted, we look forward to discussing the best panel for SOCAP 2020.

Unconfirmed Panelists

‘Tomi Davies, President, African Business Angel Network

Isabelle Chaquirand, Directora General, Xcala

Roeland Donckers, Managing Partner, iungo capital

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