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Reform or Revolution? How to Unbreak the Economy

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The global economy does not work for most people. Over the last several decades, we have seen an increase in economic inequality, a decrease in economic mobility, and consolidation of power and capital by the few. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic and the economic effects of the shutdowns have not been equally felt, as historically oppressed and under-invested communities have experienced more infection, a higher death rate, and deeper economic hardship.

Looking toward the future, what would a truly inclusive economy look like? Join the Skoll Foundation and innovators from across the globe to discuss a new vision for an economy that serves everyone (including the planet!), and what needs to happen to get us there.

Confirmed Panelists

Shivani Garg Patel, Chief Strategy Officer, Skoll Foundation

Unconfirmed Panelists

Atul Satija, Founder, The/Nudge Foundation

Sarita Gupta, Director, Future of Work(ers), Ford Foundation

Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter, CEO, IMPAQTO

Marcel Fukuyama, Executive Director, Sistema B

Felicia Wong, President and CEO, The Roosevelt Institute

Rodney Foxworth, CEO, Common Future

Andrea Dehlendorf, Co Executive Director, United for Respect

Jay Coen Gilbert, Founder, B Lab  & Imperative 21

*Final panel to be 3-4 speakers*




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