Workshop (*With Breakout Rooms)

On philanthropic prizes and programs: shifting power to the folks it seeks to support

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The resiliency and power of community voice has never been more important or apparent. How can philanthropy support and partner to enhance it? Join us for a participatory discussion and workshop to share and build a new kind of philanthropy that centers the communities it sets out to help. Instead of a panel to listen, this session will provide a space to discuss, learn, and share how philanthropists are testing and learning from new ways to invest and partner with community. 

Breakout discussions will explore: 

  • Building equitable pipelines & inclusive processes – Shift who applies to prizes, programs, and grants and design a process that is more collaborative and generative
  • Innovative funding models to meet the needs of the folks you’re supporting, including unrestricted & flexible funding, equity and debt, individual & institutional grants, and collaborative models
  • Building creative, power-shifting partnerships to support those funded holistically, not just with a financial model, but with the soft and informal supports that may be less visible –– including creative strategy, movement building, and co-design opportunities
  • Shifting power to the community of those that heard ‘no’ to share, collaborate, and build together

You’ll leave the conversation with new questions to explore, examples and stories from people who have led (or are building) prizes and programs, and friends to call as you build your way forward.

Confirmed Panelists

  • Erika Boll, Executive Director, The David Prize
  • Melanie Kahl, formerly led Community Leader-in-Residence Program for Facebook

Unconfirmed Panelists

In progress, to include other leaders testing and driving new approaches in philanthropy

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