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Emerging Models for Sustainability and Resilience in Recovery from the Impacts of COVID

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What practices, investments, and other financial mechanisms and policies are grassroots social organizations using to sustain their operations, build resilience, and continue to increase community impact post-covid19? How are corporate investors supporting these efforts by applying new and proven investment mechanisms?

This panel will highlight innovators and innovations from around the world in regions with challenging COVID19 outbreaks, and those in countries particularly challenged by the sudden pivot to remote work, together with leaders from technology companies investing in the infrastructure supporting civil society organizations to support digital transformation for resilience to pandemics and natural disasters.



Confirmed Panelists

Melvin Chibole – Executive Director, Kenya Community Development Foundation

Emma Tognia – Marketing Director, TechSoup Italia

Jessamine Chin – Director, VMware Foundation

Erin Baudo Felter –  VP Social Impact, Okta

Moderator: Nana Afadzinu, Executive Director, West Africa Civil Society Institute


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