Panel + Q&A (*Maximum 4 Panelists)

Developing the Next Generation of Impact Investors

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Since 2011, the MIINT (MBA Impact Investing Network & Training) has trained over 2,500 business and graduate students from 35 top graduate schools around the world on the fundamentals of impact investing. What tools does the next generation need to succeed? What can be learned from them? Join representatives from Bridges and the 2020 MIINT winners at The McCombs School of Business on developing the next generation of impact investing talent.

Confirmed Panelists

TBD since we are only allotted 4 panelists

Unconfirmed Panelists

2 students from The McCombs School of Business, Adwoa Asare (Bridges Impact Foundation), and either Brian Trelstad (Bridges Fund Management) or Katherine Klein (Wharton Social Impact Initiative)

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