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Climate change is such a large issue that many philanthropists feel uncertain about what to do to tackle the problem. Yet, we not only know what early stage climate change innovations we need, we also have the estimated investment required to unleash them: approximately $18 billion. Donor Advised Funds have received a great deal of negative press; but with the current economic downturn, now is the time for them to showcase the strategic role they can play in advancing impact. As of today, less than 2% of all philanthropy is currently being applied to climate change. Meanwhile, over $120 billion of already-donated capital is sitting in donor advised fund (DAF) accounts across the United States, awaiting advice from the donors before it is put to work at nonprofits solving important problems. By using new philanthropic models and designating this funding towards climate solutions, we can leverage this existing capital for global benefit, while also generating future philanthropic capital for other impact areas in the future. The panelists in this session will discuss how more innovative strategies are being developed for donors to guide their philanthropy to direct solutions to the climate crisis, and how nonprofits are using that capital and startup financing tools to overcome market failures and jumpstart technologies with great promise of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Confirmed Panelists

Kristin Romaine, Director of Catalytic Philanthropy, VertueLab,

Unconfirmed Panelists

Jennifer Risher, Co-Founder, #HalfMyDAF

Kathy Kwan, President of the Eustace-Kwan Family Foundation, #HalfMyDAF contributor

Ishita Shah, Senior Associate, Philanthropy, Align Impact

Molly Norton, Philanthropic Advisor, Brighton Jones

Dawn Chirwa, The Giving Practice, Philanthropy NW

Eileen R. Heisman, President and CEO of National Philanthropic Trust 

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