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A Clean Economy 4 All: Novel Ideas for Alternative Underwriting and Credit Enhancements to Expand Borrower Pool

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“We cannot have clean energy for all, unless everyone has clean energy” – Danny Kennedy, CEO New Energy Nexus

This same concept can be applied to all aspects of the clean and just economy. If new forms of banking, voting, or access to services are only available to the wealthy, then we will not achieve the goals of transitioning to an all digital, all electric, all cleanly powered society as we hope to.

This panel will gather startups and established companies using machine learning algorithms, blended finance, and various credit enhancements to provide for-profit financing to those who have been excluded from legacy credit providers to date.

Confirmed Panelists

Ravi Mikkelsen, cofounder & CEO ATMOS Financial

Peter Hellwig, cofounder & CFO ATMOS Financial



Unconfirmed Panelists

Victoria Arch, COO Angaza

Andrew Endicott, cofounder & CFO Petal Credit Card

Steph Speirs, cofounder & CEO Solstice

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