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Climate Change and Fire Season – Why We Can’t Afford to Wait

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Preventing Catastrophic Wildfires and Protecting Communities through Innovative Private Capital Solutions

Each year brings more fires burning out of control around the world.  Megafires — which burn more than 100,000 acres — once a rare occurrence, are gaining momentum with the deadly combination of modern forest management practices and climate change. California homes are the most vulnerable, with nearly half a million homes, worth an estimated $268 billion, at high or extreme risk.

In the fight against climate change, forests provide clean air, carbon storage, and fresh water. And while climate change plays a role in increasing wildfire risk, the core problem is a lack of funding to thin and maintain forests properly. This results in overgrown forests that burn longer, hotter and faster while also degrading water systems. Add the drier, warmer, windier weather associated with climate change to the equation, and the threat of bigger and more destructive fires is inevitable.

Investing in thinning and maintaining forests is an important means of addressing climate change while protecting communities and water supply. In this session, impact investors will learn about the challenges of existing funding structures and how innovations in science are enabling approaches that harness private and public capital for safer, healthier forests.

Confirmed Panelists

Moderator: Siobhan King, Senior Product Manager, ImpactAssets:

Adam Connaker, Principal, Innovative Finance, The Rockefeller Foundation:

Zach Knight, CEO, Blue Forest Conservation:

Unconfirmed Panelists

Paul Hessburg – USFS:

Nathalie Woolworth – Conservation Finance Manager – USFS:

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