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Recovery Through Smart & Equitable Investment” – Energy infrastructure and workforce development drives community equity & resilience

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Owning the Recovery Through Smart and Equitable Investment” – How to leverage energy infrastructure and workforce development to build community equity and resilience

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, city, county and state governments are experiencing serious health, fiscal, economic and environmental challenges. Because of limited ability of monetary policy to drive a recovery from this unprecedented combination of factors, communities across the country will need innovative financial and process solutions to move people to an equitable and prosperous future. This workshop will help participants discuss and iterate on solutions identified in the recently published article by the same title. In this article we suggested new practical education programs for workforce development in growth sectors (e.g. Integrated Demand Side Management, Cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain etc.) and a community based system for developing an equitable system for renewable energy infrastructure.

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