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Unpacking Indigenous social impact measurement

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In many Indigenous worldviews, traditional knowledge is something we carry with us that includes the medicines, objects, tools, resources and stories that we have gathered or that have been passed down to us through our families, experiences and teachings. We use this knowledge to understand, navigate and interact with the world around us and to complete various activities and journey’s at a personal, community and organizational level. This includes developing the infrastructure required to support evaluating and reporting on the impact of Indigenous programming.

For example, organizations working in Indigenous social finance, innovation and/or entrepreneurship are increasingly developing tools and resources to support how they understand, measure and report on their social impact, which often comes with two key challenges. First, these tools and resources may be based on colonial perspectives and Western knowledge which overlook critical dimensions that are relevant to Indigenous ways of knowing and being. Second, it is often difficult to know how or where to start development of these tools and resources, and who to engage with to do so. Therefore, the purpose of this session is to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations in co-creating Indigenous social impact measurement tools and resources for and with Indigenous peoples, in a way that aligns with Indigenous ways of knowing and being. To do this, we will discuss topics like:

  • What social impact means from Indigenous worldviews, including the various ways it is understood, measured and reported on within Indigenous contexts
  • Common components of Indigenous social impact measurement, including measurement, evaluation and learning frameworks; theories of change; culturally safe indicators/metrics etc.
  • Approaches to co-creating with Indigenous peoples and funders, including key Indigenous knowledge and data governance protocols that need to be considered when developing Indigenous social impact measurement tools and resources

Confirmed Panelists

Our participants come from diverse Indigenous communities across Turtle Island (i.e., North America) and Australia. They carry with them unique and shared knowledge and lived experiences that inform their perspectives on impact measurement, which will allow for a rich dialogue.

Marissa Hill, Knowledge Management and Translation Associate, Indigenous Innovation Initiative (Canada)

Sara Wolfe, Director, Indigenous Innovation Initiative (Canada)

Paul Lacerte, Managing Partner, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners (Canada)

Representative from the Native Women Lead network (United States)

Unconfirmed Panelists

Representative from the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (Australia)

Supporting Materials

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  1. Just a note that the representative from the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (Australia) has been confirmed.

  2. I think this is a great session idea and long overdue. Please support elevating this important discussion!

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