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Solutions for a Feminist Climate-resilient Recovery: Opportunities for Investors

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The current global crises present a unique opportunity to put climate resilience at the center of the conversation around what is important, and how to build a better future for all. These solutions are linked to the preservation and stewardship of our earth’s resources. What should investors be funding, to assure that COVID-19 responses and climate resilience activities reinforce each other? What is a feminist perspective on this and what tools, projects and instruments exist to support these solutions?  

The session will seek ideas from the audience for their solutions by posing questions

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Jeannette Gurung, WOCAN, will speak about how valuing and compensating women for their  social and environmental contributions can simultaneously address gender equality and climate change. She presents the W+ Standard -a standard that quantifies and monetizes the beneficial results of projects on women’s lives – as a mechanism that can scale up investments for climate action through a market-based approach of tradable W+ Units, that can be combined with carbon units .

Lee West, Chair, WOCAN Board of Directors, Co-Founder of San Francisco Carbon Collaborative  and EcoAnalytics, will speak about the Women and Climate Impact Fund,  an investment vehicle for investors to obtain blended social and financial value through initiatives that create women’s empowerment benefits and address climate change, that use the W+ Standard.

Evelyne Bata, Advisor to the Board, African Development Fund, will give examples of investments that have multiple returns (Social, Environmental and Financial) that can build resilience to pandemics and climate change, that do not prioritize profits over environment and social impacts, and ‘Build Back Better’ by investing in climate resilience as well as recovery.

Amanda Ellis, Julie-Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, herself a leader in the area of international women and business, will speak on how investing in building leadership capacities and opportunities for women in business can bring about inclusive sustainability solutions .


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  1. Great opportunity to highlight connections between gender and climate And incentives to invest in this topic.

  2. Great session idea to improve the understanding of opportunities at the nexus of gender and climate investment.

  3. Awesome idea — we need to be discussing meaningful ways for investors to get involved with measurable gender-focused climate solutions that are working!

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