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A Radical Purpose for a Radical Time: A revolutionary approach to rethinking organizations

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Massive changes are coming our way in the Future of Work.  We cannot escape the impending insurmountable economic, human, and ecological impacts from the technological wave and the existing broken system of work.
It’s time to stop waiting for it all to happen to us and let things just “work themselves out.” For far too long, ideologies and systems have impacted us rather than the other way around. Now it is time for us as individuals and collectively to start designing the future we want — a future that benefits nature and ALL of humanity.
This workshop will bring to light the human-based reasons why work is not meeting people’s needs. We will explore how to bring a new perspective on what it means to work, own, and do business. Experience the insights that will radically change how you see work and give you the tools to make it different.
You will learn to evaluate the current situation from an interdependence and radical purpose perspective. And how to use this new perspective to design a better environment for yourself, your colleagues, and your organization.

Confirmed Panelists

Jose Leal, Cofounder Radical

Jose Leal is a co-founder of the Radical, a movement focused on the intersection of human interdependence and social structures. An innovator, he started an architectural drafting business at the age of 16. In the mid-nineties, Jose co-founded his third company,, Canada’s first online automotive media company. After a conglomerate acquired Autonet, he inadvertently became Vice President of their online media division. Jose left the after realizing he had become everything he hated. Two failed startups later, he left the industry altogether.

For the last five years, Jose has dedicated himself to understanding why he had become the person he was in corporate life. Thanks to the years of psychology and neuroscience research through the lens of living systems, he helped develop the Interdependence Framework. Through this work, he connected with the globally emerging Future of Work community and helped co-found the Radical movement.


Kelly Jackson, Cofounder Radical

Kelly Jackson started as a Commander of an Army Bomb Squad. After leaving the military, she managed a quality control group at a manufacturing plant. She left that position to attend law school, then clerked for a Federal Judge and then went to work for a reinsurance company. Finding it difficult to work long corporate hours and raise a family, she opened her practice focused on employment discrimination and contract law. Still being dissatisfied with the “work-life balance,” she fired herself, shut down her law practice, and focused on personal growth. From there, Kelly went on to co-found the Radical movement.


Lisa Byron, Cofounder Radical

Lisa Byron has over 24 years of experience in HR roles, much of her experience with large tech firms in Silicon Valley. Lisa experienced first-hand the problems with today’s workplaces. After years of working to bring the support individuals needed and not getting the buy-in from senior management, she decided to leave the corporate world and became dedicated to changing the Future of Work when she helped co-found the Radical movement.

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