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Dear team,

I’m a technologist, philanthropist and neurodiversity explorer (Yonah Fund, MIT, 500 Startups, Singularity), who spent 15 years in a diversity journey, I’d love to suggest the following talk which I actively give across ecosystems dedicated to women, minority and special groups.




Based on my talk along with Reid Hoffman and Wise24 (how to build inclusive ecosystems, an overview of latest trends in inclusive tech, neurodiverse tech, inclusive products, funding and ethics – it presents a holistic view including “women gap”, “minority tech”, “narrow niches”, related product and venture problems)

This talk is based on my foundation, podcast and various startups / tech teams I guide or explore in inclusion / diversity / edtech / healthtech / worktech.

It’s structured around practical cases and ideas for startups and founders working on edtech, healthtech, worktech, inclusion and diversity.

– Reshaping “problems & representation”. Why diversity is the only way to build particular startups (cases from Covid-19)
– Reshaping Ability. Rise of niche startups, neurodiverse platforms and 1 for 1 (inclusive) design (cases from edtech, healthtech, worktech)
– Reshaping inclusive technology (why inclusive tech failed and how to adapt it to venture game) (cases from smart cities, health, ed)
– Reshaping collaboration & data collection
– Reshaping  tech “ethics”

Do you know that:

– 80% of people with autism are unemployed full-time?
– Even MIT and Harvard spin-offs startups often struggle to grow inclusive tech, because they don’t fit venture metrics (aka startup metrics)?
– Many teams focused on awareness, inclusion and smart cities fail to demonstrate efficiency under Covid-19? (because they lack women)

COMPANY: Yonah Fund, 500 Startups, Singularity etc
IMPORTANT: It’s important to mention, that my interest in inclusive ecosystems is driven by my own journey –  neuromuscular and autoimmune disorders which led to complete isolation over decades, so I was forced to create my learning, development and health environment on my own, so it became not only inspiration but a whole list of things, ideas and concepts I work or support nowadays – from assistive devices, soft and social robotics to adaptive learning, open knowledge, awareness.

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